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"Birthday Cake" Wax Melt Tin

Regular price $8.00

You're in for a treat! Enjoy the sweet, decadent aroma of our "Birthday Cake" wax melt shape with true-to-life notes of vanilla cake and buttercream icing - the perfect birthday gift for yourself or for a loved one! If bakery scents are your jam, this one is for you! These wax melts are made with rainbow sprinkles made out of wax.

We ditched the plastic clamshell for these beautiful gold tins! Not only does this packaging cut down on single-use plastic, but you can re-use the tin! Use to store small items, hold office supplies (paper clips, thumbtacks, etc.), or use as a piece of décor.


SCENT NOTES: Vanilla cake, buttercream frosting, butter, sugar

SIZE: Each gold tin holds approximately 2 oz of product and includes six 2.4” x 0.8” inch crescent moon shaped wax melts

WAX TYPE: Soy blend (52% soy, 48% paraffin)

MELT TIME: Approximately 8-12 hours per moon

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